22 agosto 2013



"hoy cumple 11 meses..."

...y ya sabe que dentro de poco va a cumplir un añito, y que va a soplar las velas. él parece preparado para que llegue ese momento, yo no lo estoy.
y últimamente he visto muy pocas fotos tan bonitas como ésta de sash, del blog inked in colour.

"he is 11 months today..."

...and he knows he is turning one soon, and that he is going to blow the candles. he seems to be ready for it, i'm not.
and this one by sash, of inked in colour, is one of the most beautiful photos i've seen lately.

2 comentarios:

  1. I love his little "1". And his batman shirt. Our babes must have been born around the same time, mine is 11 months old last week as well!

    1. thanks! yes, i think they were born just a few days apart :)